Welcome to Uberbees Flowers | Farm to Table Flower CSA


Welcome to uberbees Flowers…a locally grown, multiple farm CSA – community supported agriculture – program.  Enjoy year-round flower bouquets from Middle Georgia farms & greenhouses, partnered in a multiple farm CSA, spring bulbs offering heirloom and cottage flowers for Farm to Table beauty!  Fragrant herbs are added to every bouquet for aromatherapy you will adore!!

Gerber daisies, Queen Anne’s Lace, sunflowers, zinnias, lavender, forget-me-nots….to bring Farm to Table beauty and fragrance to your life.

Become a member of Bluebird CSA and order Bluebird flowers conveniently online here.

Bluebird Flowers | Valentine Shares Feature Farm to Table, Locally Grown, Gerber Daisies


On Valentine’s Day, Bluebird Flower Shares: Full Shares Received 1 Dozen Gerber Daisies, Half Shares received 1/2 Dozen Gerber Daisies and Qtr Shares received 1/4 Dozen locally grown Gerber Daisies.
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Bluebird Flowers | Flower and Plant Essences

Pure Flower and Plant Essences in 3 aromatherapy essential oil blends.

Winterclean blend of tea tree, orange, clove and other oils in pure almond oil with anti-bacterial properties.

Thieves Oil blend of eucalyptus, lemon, rosemary and other oils in pure almond oil with anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties.

Soothing Spa of lemongrass, lavender, jasmine and other oils with calming properties.

Suggested Uses: For ages over 6.  Add to simmering pots, make a room freshener spray, add to pulse points. Not for internal use.
Winterclean1-IMG_9358Soothing Spabluebird blending bar 2009

Bluebird Blending Bar 2009.





Bluebird Flowers | Blooming Now

Blooming now on Georgia Farms – January 2013. Bluebird Flowers CSA.

Camellias included in 1.17.13 farm shares1-IMG_9377

1-IMG_9375 1-IMG_9378



Geraniums are also blooming now in Georgia, January 2013.


Snapdragons blooming now in Georgia, January 2013.

Bluebird Flowers | New Year’s Shares




Bluebird Flowers | Georgia Planting and Harvest Calendars, Maps and Information

Georgia Organics Garden Calendar

1-harvest calendar jpeg

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